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Pure formulations

to pamper the skin, allure the senses and delight the soul.


Our wholesome skincare treatments are developed for the multi-sensory self care experience using natural ingredients that our skin recognises and resonates with.



our ingredients are certified organic, fair trade, natural, wild harvested, bio-dynamic, cruelty free and nutritious to the skin.


Our skin treats are drenched in exquisite, ethically sourced, fresh and active certified organic botanical extracts, rich aromatic essential oils and phytonutrients, cold pressed plant oils, florals, healing herbs, pure earth clays and lashings of exotic fruits and youthifying vitamins to deliver a bounty of nutrients to make your skin glow with health and undeniable radiance.


We make sure to utilize only the finest, raw cold pressed oils and the most superior essential oils, alongside only the most potent and nutrient-rich ingredients that are harvested in a responsible, mindful and sustainable manner.

We promise to deliver uncompromising purity without any sulphates, parabens, propylene or butylene glycols, petroleum, artificial dyes, phthalates, GMO, silicones, fragrances, synthetics, carcinogens or other toxic ingredients.


Our products are vegan with the exception of the

'Oracle Lume' which contains Organic Raw and Manuka honeys.

the personal touch.


Our skin treatments are developed and manufactured in small batches in-house.

Our formulas are specially inspired and uniquely our own.

We have developed our collection from concept to final creation with beautiful organic, wildcrafted and nutrient rich ingredients and personally  blend and fill every bottle before polishing by hand and pack every order with love in Melbourne, Australia.


These proprietary formulas are developed from scratch using ingredients specifically pertaining to naturally occurring properties that impact the life force at the core essence of the skin.

Creating  time and space for personal self care allows you to pause, exhale  and indulge in earths exquisite botanicals, textures and aromas while connecting with yourself

We inspire you to to embrace yourself in a skincare ritual that both nourishes and enhances your skins' health, while simultaneously re-balancing the connection of mind, soul, body and nature.

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meet the creator and formulator.

My skincare treatments give you a reason to pause, to exhale, to re-connect.  

This is my purpose.


ZASSNI is a passion that has eventually been birthed after years of intense research and development, hard work, challenges  and an overflow of love and joy.


My desire is to inspire a re-connection  to nature with wholesome, hand made skin care treatments for the self care and spa beauty experience.

These skincare creations are 100% natural and are specially inspired by the healing and therapeutic energies of the earth and nature.


I am passionate about the creative process of skincare and have personally developed and created each formula from scratch for aromatic, organic and loving beauty rituals that reveal  healthy and radiant skin, a re-balanced mind and a soothed, uplifted soul.


Conscious of the effects of chemically infused skin care products and appreciative of all that nature has to offer,  my formulas are effective potions that are imbued with the most precious and potent plant extracts without the use of unnecessary fillers and toxic synthetics. 

I do not outsource manufacturing, labs and chemists. Everything is developed and created in-house where much love and care is poured into every bottle and jar.


These skin treatments are an extension of myself  in my passion for creation for what connects us to the outer physical world - Our Skin. 

I endeavour to provide the highest quality natural skin care products available that are pure, ethical and honest.

'If I won't put it on my skin - its not in my product’. 


Please send me your comments as I truly value your thoughts. 


Please send your notes to

I would love to hear from you.



My journey as a formulator began in my early childhood where I developed my love for herbs and flowers as I remember picking fresh Thyme and Basil with my grandmother in her mediterranean garden. I  noticed the attention and love she gave to her garden and even spoke to her plants.

She said : "They listen (the plants) and flourish when you give them compliments". 


During my frequent visits to Greece, I would immerse in the sun and the sea and truly experienced what we know as Thalassotherapy. 


In my early teens when I had developed acne and had a reaction to sunscreen, I decided to make my own tanning lotion and never used a sunscreen again.

My skin became more sensitive as I went into adult life where mainstream skincare was not an option for me. 

At this time I began to develop my own formulas according to my individual skin issues and those of people who would come to me for help with their own skin requirements. 

As I went through this process of trying to heal my own skin,  I also developed a self-care approach to beauty.

When I combined my love for creating recipes, my love for nature and my desire for wholesome and natural skincare, I focused on the study of plants and the return to nature for our health, wellbeing and healing.  


The resonance was undeniable and flowed so naturally in my being that I could not imagine doing anything other than what I love - Creating decadent and effective skincare formulas.


While developing the products in our collection, I wanted the user to devour in the textures, aromas and therapeutic benefits of the botanicals that the earth has so graciously gifted us. 

I want to inspire the user to  re-connect to an era where skin potions were not developed for the convenience of time - but were given the time to be blended and enjoyed.


My skincare treatments give you a reason to pause, to exhale, to

re-connect. This is my purpose.




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