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bedew in a raindance of blooming freshness.

create your sensorial spa.

give yourself a reason to pause and breathe.

most loved products

Refresh both body and soul as you immerse yourself. Revitalise with the therapeutic effect and 

Re-live with the feel of new skin in your body. 

Island Whisper Tropical.jpeg


A hydrating and skin plumping mist bedews the skin with active botanicals to leave it dewy and refreshed.



Comfort Cloud.

 Improves elasticity and resilience. 

Deeply hydrating and smoothing.

Calms and cushions.



Reveal luminous fresh skin that is plump and crystal clear.

Aromathreapeutic and Delicious.


artisanal. handcrafted. natural.

feel the botanical magic as it feeds life into your skin and inhale deeply to
re-connect and discover your most radiant self.

Tempt your senses and ignite your cells with the revitalising energy of earth botanicals while you allow yourself to pause and breathe in a multi-sensorial beauty ritual.


We aspire to aid the skin and deliver eloquent and potent formulas that are developed from concept to creation  in our own private studio to facilitate a skincare experience that only nature can.



Our formulas are developed and handcrafted in-house with the finest certified organic and natural ingredients, precious oils and extracts to give an aromatherapeutic experience and deliver optimal freshness and beautiful results.


Handcrafted in Australia..


"If I won't put it on my skin, its not in my product".

Our skincare formulations are plant based and developed to enhance the skins radiance and restore its rhythm while subtly stimulating the senses with natural botanicals for beautiful skin and the multi-sensorial self-care and spa experience.

"In an age where we get caught up with 'life', we often forget what's so important - Our Wellbeing and the connection to Ourselves. 

We forget  to pause, to breathe  and be present in that moment. To gather thoughts, to eliminate the day's noise and to have a moment of peace.

I am here to remind you that your wellbeing is important and to inspire a connection to oneself through nature and the act of self care".


:Anastacia- founder.


sweet notes.

My skin usually feels kinda dry but also oily in different places, with a few layers of dead skin in various areas. After using Forever Charmed, Lightning Dust, Oracle Lume and Island Whisper I can easily say my skin has literally never been so clean and soft! It feels amazing and people say they can see visible differences. Not only that but the products smell so beautiful as well! I can’t recommend Zassni enough!

Willow, VIC

My soul resonates with nature when I see wonders such as this and you sure have captured a tranquil moment in all your products I've used!!! Best products I have ever used. Skin looks so refined and polished, smooth and youthful and most importantly, hydrated.... 

Eric, QLD

The packaging is stunning. Its super sophisticated and elegant.I love how they are all about 'The Experience'.

Ashlie, VIC

ZASSNI Skin is the best skincare brand that I have used in my life as it leaves my skin feeling and looking healthier than ever. It's a perfect input to my everyday routine.

Sofia, VIC